safety and security

 We always welcome volunteers to help with our children and youth programs. Because we are committed to the safety and security of our children, all volunteers in children's ministries are required to submit to a background check and either attend a child protection training session, or complete a 2-hour online training session, Stewards of Children.

Because of the growing risk of violent acts in churches, many congregations have added armed security in recent years.  Many people attend or visit churches without any idea that they have armed security teams in place.

The Zion Elders have worked with the Deacons to form an Armed Security Team for Zion.  Each Armed Security Team member is highly trained and approved by the Session.  By law, no one except law enforcement officers may carry a concealed firearm in church without being a designated member of a security team. 

The Zion security team is extremely low profile.  Our concern is safety.  And while we have no reason to think that Zion is a target in anyone's mind, and while we grieve the state of the world that brings matters like this before us, we carefully and prayerfully will continue to find every way we can to make Zion a safe place to gather.