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Note: The Zion email list is FOR announcements, notices, and information that pertain to the church community of Zion Church, Lincoln Nebraska.  We encourage posts for Zion event reminders, prayer requests, and personal notices. Even things like garage sales, help wanted, job openings, car for sale, and roommate needed.

This group is NOT FOR commercial, political, or disputation and argument.  So please do not post about Amway, Tupperware parties, or Mary Kay, and do not post political and campaign notices, or try to start a discussion thread about Dispensationalism.  We even ask that you not post links to external doctrinal and teaching sources that have not been vetted by the pastors and elders.

Just use good manners and good judgement.  If you have any question about what is appropriate, send your question to

If you want to be on the ZionDiscuss list, a separate list for (polite) discussion of theology, doctrine, Bible, and church issues, ask Pastor Keith in an email to keith at zionpca dot com.