Church Planting

Zion maintains a vision for planting new churches. Instead of growing ever larger and larger, we like the idea of watching for the right time and then sending out a group of people with a pastor to start a new congregation. Lincoln needs more good churches.

Grace Chapel

In 2000, Zion launched our first daughter church, Grace Chapel using our original building at 40th and Sheridan. Today Grace is thriving, with multiple services and one of the largest college ministries in Lincoln. In 2018, Grace moved to a larger building at 16th and A.


In 2008, Zion launched our second church, Redeemer. Today, Redeemer has established a strong presence in the North Bottoms neighborhood in a 100-year-old church building, virtually across the street from the University's city campus. Pastors Matt and Adam emphasize connecting the disconnected in a ministry of loving God, loving people, and loving Lincoln.


Zion means to keep launching new congregations. Studies show that the quickest way to grow the church, and the most effective way of reaching those who have no church affiliation, is planting new churches. We want to hold this vision before our Zion members, and challenge everyone to consider being part of a launch team for our next plant.